Artist Statement

I make Sculpture, Time Based work, Installations, Paintings and Drawings; I move fluidly between these based on the ideas I want to communicate which may require a multimedia, multisensory, experiential and collaborative approach. Video and sound, along with sculpture and drawing, allow me to layer multiple overlapping forms of meaning in one work.

The threads of my art-making inquiry are many: everyday situations that reveal a universal narrative or character; literary sources, such as neuroscience, psychology, land use and environment, Buddhist teachings, and communal ritual and practices. These, in synthesis, inspire objects that create memory and recollection, and are informed by the significance of play in shaping our being.

I’m working with some of the same themes of loss, meaning and memory of cultural heritage, the spirit in nature and community, the gesture of silence and contemplation, as I did when I began my sculpture work 20 years ago. I value the handmade, the labor, the material choices of plaster, clay, rice paper, beeswax, thread, cotton, and pigment to make sculptural forms that elicit a deep emotion from an object. Viewers of my sculptural work have noted threads of abstract Eastern concepts of spirit, belonging, existence, luminosity, and translucence. These works often have quiet longing and sadness and speak about the body, its gesture, and its subtle narrative.

In my collaborative work, I seek an active dialogue with others and invite them to enter a creative process. Through thinking, recollecting, and participating in work, visitors partner with me; they recorded their voices, make drawings, and complete a puzzle.

The expression of loss and remembrance that has characterized my work for the last two decades is no longer a solitary passage, but has become a shared one.



AcrobatAcrobat, 2013
rice paper, tricycle
58" x 59" x 19"