Together, 1994
jute, burlap, wire
39 pieces, 8" x 6" x 2¾" each

Aparna Agrawal, Thaddeus Beal, Robert Ferrandini
Of Innocence, Life's Mysteries, and Boring Bread

by Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe

Three living artists also grapple with the mysteries of life in "Searching", a small, strong group show at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center. Painter Robert Ferrandini, sculptor Aparna Agrawal, and draftsman Thaddeus Beal question the fragility and wildness of existence in markedly different, though complementary ways.

Agrawal's pieces seem almost too ethereal to call sculpture. She works in paper, string, wax, and gauze, creating beds and other structures that reference family, the emotional resonance of memory and her childhood in India. "Family bed" could fit in a dollhouse, made from translucent paper that looks as delicate as dried skin. Four figures nestle in the bed, tiny sarcophagi cocooned in gauze. A fifth lies on the floor nearby, cast out. The shapes at once recall swaddled infants and the husks of something long dead - a portrayal of the pulse of life, born and gone in an instant...