Trying on the Dress Redress exhibit
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Artful mix matches emotions and fashion
Boston Globe, Tina Sutton, August 28, 2008
….Clothing as a form of defense is a topic explored by Cambridge artist Aparna Agrawal's "body armor" pieces. Starting with an infant's onesie, Agrawal covers each "garment" with materials like beeswax, plaster, and seashells to reflect qualities of protection, from hardness to fragility….
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Dress Redress
Exhibition Catalogue, Brandeis University, June 2008

Ready to Wear
Boston Globe, cover, June 19, 2008

All Dressed Up
MetroWest Daily News, by Kristine Diederich, July 13, 2008
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The Perfect Fit
Mass. sculptor, painter uses everyday objects as raw material for art
by Joy Mazolla

Suitable Means
New Art Center in Newton, MA
by Susan Mulski
Jan-March 2002

Art That's Not Just Window Dressing
Suitable Means, New Art Center, Newton
by Taline Voskeritchian
Arts Media, Jan-March 2002

Sculptures by Aparna Agrawal
by Cate McQuaid
Boston Globe, 1995

Aparna Agrawal, Thaddeus Beal, Robert Ferrandini
Of Innocence, Life's Mysteries, and Boring Bread

by Cate McQuaid
Boston Globe

Rock, Paper, Scissors
MPG Gallery / Boston, MA
by Susan Mulski
Art New England, October 1998

Quiet Hill, 2004
oil, wax on canvas
36" X 24"